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Here's your birthday drabble. *pant pant*

In the light he insulted her and called her a skinny beanpole tomboy, pulled her hair as though he enjoyed seeing her mad, and sneered as she drew her wand in fury and Snape swooped upon the scene like a particularly malevolent bat at the perfect moment to take points from Gryffindor.

In the shadow he yanked her wrist and pulled her into closets and empty classrooms, his grip hard enough that, later on, she fancied that she could still feel the hot indentations that his fingers had left upon her skin. There was still fury and her cheeks would still be crimsoned, but not with rage.

In the light, he punched her in the gut as they passed each other on the pitch, and she viciously stole the Quaffle from him every chance she got, feeling a savage, vindictive satisfaction whenever she scored against him and hearing him growl above the sounds of the crowd.

In the shadow, they clawed at each other as he hoisted her up against him, her legs wrapping around his waist as his lips blazed down from her lips to her throat, green and red and silver and gold tangling as clothes were unfastened by unsteady fingers.

In the light, she was a cheerful, open, quietly sweet Gryffindor girl with an ingenuous grin and the best friends a girl could want, satisfied amidst the warmth and safety of her housemates. Lover of Quidditch and Charms and the Weird Sisters.

In the light, he was a stuck-up, self-satisfied, towering Slytherin bloke with a nasty, superior smirk and a team that was used to getting its way, who would never lower himself to associate with the red and gold riffraff. Hater of rivals and idiotic NEWTs and blatantly favouritist teachers.

In the shadow, though, they were the same in ways that no one, including themselves, would have imagined. Their determination and passion and shared love of the sport that tore them apart on the field. The hard glint in his eyes matched the stubborn lift of her pert chin.

And then there were other things that they had yet to discover, in between the kisses.

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