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Happy Birthday Sky!!!!!

I hope you have a fantabulous day and an extra special year. :) Twenty is loads of fun! Much t00by loff to you sweets!

Alicia smoothed her hands over the belled satin of her formal wedding robes once more, the mirror cooing at her softly (so beautiful, Dearie). This was it, the day she’d been waiting to come for what seemed like forever. In a few short hours, she’d be married to the man of her dreams.

It hadn’t been an easy journey, but the end more than justified the means. She loved Terence Higgs more than any other person on the planet, and she was fairly certain he felt the same way. Her cheeks pinked as she recalled how he’d told her that the night he’d proposed. They’d been so tightly entwined that it was difficult to tell where he ended and she began.

“You complete me,” he’d said, staring down into her eyes, a serious look on his face. “Everything I wanted and more. I want to be the father of your children, the man that grows old with you and ends up rocking with you on the porch as our grandchildren play in the yard. Marry me?”

She’d begun to cry and he’d gently kissed her tears away, holding her even tighter. “Don’t cry, Ali,” he’d whispered, stroking his thumbs over her cheeks.

She’d shaken her head gently. “I’m not sad, I’m happy,” she’d sobbed, burying her face in his shoulder.

He heard her mumbling but he’d not been able to make out the words. “What is it?”

She pulled away, her heart shining in her eyes. “Yes, I’ll marry you. Oh, Ter, I love you so much!”

A knock on the door startled her, jerking her out of her memories. “Yes?”

The door opened and Jarrod stood there, resplendent in his black dress robes. “Someone is getting a bit impatient waiting for you,” he said, grinning at her. Merlin, she was breathtaking! The strapless bodice clung to her slight curves before belling out into a sweeping ball gown embroidered with tiny flowers that sparkled in the sunlight streaming through the floor to ceiling windows. Her arms from just above her elbows down were encased in gloves of shimmery white silk, tapering to a point that ended on the backs of her hands.

Alicia smiled, reaching for the small posy of daisies that Oliver had given her that morning. “I’m ready,” she said, walking forward and slipping her arm through his. “I’m rather impatient myself,” she said, winking.

Jarrod laughed, his hand covering hers. “I’m glad,” he said, brushing a kiss to her temple. “I like you being happy and it’s very obvious that Mr. Higgs makes you ecstatic.”

Alicia nearly giggled. “Thank you,” she said, hugging him one handed. “He does.”

They stopped at the entrance to the chapel and Alicia’s gaze was drawn to the altar and Terence. He looked so handsome in his Muggle tuxedo that she’d talked him into. She had ulterior motives of course, the way his arse looked in the form fitting pants for one.


Looking back, she couldn’t really remember the long walk down the aisle, or even most of the ceremony. The thing that most stood out in her mind was the way he’d looked at her, like she was the most perfect thing in the world and he was the luckiest man to actually have it. When they’d been pronounced husband and wife, Terence had swept her into his arms, his lips covering hers gently. The rest of the world had disappeared and she lost herself in his touch.

It was the cheering that finally made them break apart and she’d looked around dazedly, realizing that they weren’t alone, instead were still in the chapel, surrounded by well wishers. Terence had chuckled wickedly and leaned forward, his lips brushing her ear. “Wait until I get you alone, baby.” Shivers had danced down her spine and suddenly she didn’t want to spend time at the reception, she wanted to be home, in their bed, with him.

Even Oliver had been smiling as they’d left the reception hand in hand barely an hour after it had started, Terence pulling her eagerly towards the doorway. She’d waved once more before he’d Apparated them away.

The suite had been stunning, but Terence had barely let her catch her breath before he was kissing her, his hands moving over the thin silk of her bodice, thumbs teasing her nipples taut.

His hand slid up to cup her head, angling it so he could deepen the kiss. Several breathless minutes later, he pulled away, staring down at her with glittering eyes. “Mine,” he breathed, dipping his head once more.

Alicia moaned low in her throat as he began to peel the dress from her body, his movements gentle but hurried. “I need to touch you,” he said, kneeling and sliding the dress over her hips. Her hands moved through his hair and she nodded eagerly. Holding her hand, he helped her step out of the pile of silk and tulle, pulling her into his arms once more.

Alicia had her face buried in the crook of his shoulder, sucking on his pulse as he moved them to the bed, laying her down carefully. He stood up, stripping off his clothes, tossing them behind him onto the chair before joining her on the bed.

He laid her back, settling in between her thighs, his boxers and the nearly sheer chemise and panty set that Katie and Angelina had given her the only barrier between them. He leaned on his elbows, his hips grinding against hers. Alicia moaned and slipped her hand between them, cupping his rock hard erection gently, running a nail gently along the hard line.

Terence closed his eyes, his breath escaping on a hiss. “Fuck, that feels good,” he breathed, bucking his hips into her hand. His head dipped and she felt his lips at the sensitive spot behind her ear that he loved. Tingles of desire shot through her and she moaned lightly, her hand moving over him once more, stroking slowly through the thin silk.

He sat back on his heels, thumbs hooking in the band of her knickers, sliding them off her legs. Pulling her up, he unbuttoned the long row of pearl buttons on the chemise, slipping it off her shoulders and tossing it onto the pile of clothing they’d already discarded.

Grinning wickedly, she ran her hand along the elastic band of his boxers, her finger dipping inside to run along his taut stomach, brushing the crisp thatch of hair that led downward. “These definitely have to go,” she said, biting gently on her lower lip as she slid them down his hips, easing them gently over his pulsing cock.

The velvety flesh jutted out and she wrapped her hand around it, stroking lightly up and down. He hissed again and pushed gently on her shoulders. “I can’t wait, I need to be inside of you,” he said against her lips.

Alicia could feel him, hard and heavy, pressing against her lower lips. “Yes,” she breathed into his mouth. His hips surged forward and she gasped as she was suddenly filled, his hips fitting neatly against hers.

They moved slowly at first, small rocking motions that gradually became more aggressive as the tension coiled tighter and tighter. Alicia braced her feet on the bed and surged upwards as he pumped hard into her, his cock sliding against her clit on every stroke.

Her nails dug into his back as she shattered, her body quivering with pulsating aftershocks of pleasure. He captured her lips in a heated kiss and slid his hand between their bodies, rubbing against her clit as he continued to rock against her. She screamed, the sound lost in his mouth as she came again, harder than the first, a languid heat sweeping through her body as pleasure coursed through her.

Terence groaned, struggling to hold onto his control but it was slipping fast. Her body fit him like a glove, the tight walls of her sheath clamping around his cock and milking it hard. He thrust hard once, twice and came, spilling himself deep inside of her, collapsing heavily as the last of his strength seeped out of him.

Alicia wrapped her arms tightly around his back, running her hands over his sweaty skin. “I love you,” she whispered.

Terence leaned up on one elbow, brushing the sweaty skin from her forehead. “I love you too, baby, so damned much,” he said, his voice rough with emotion. Rolling to his side, he tucked her gently against him, their legs twining together as he pulled the covers up.

Alicia pillowed her head on his chest, falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat under her ear, his hand stroking gently through her hair.
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